Wing Series – SVG template files

Using SVG as a format to create vector lines, outlining the curves and shapes of a guitar body has been key in coming up with my own designs. Here I have compiled several of these guitar body designs in SVG format for you to see and use as you see fit. Using a Stratocaster as […]

Wiring up a guitar

Welcome to Crimson Guitars’ Mini-Torial on wiring up a simple guitar circuit, this time with James Blackburn. This circuit consists of a volume pot, a tone pot and a jack input. Of course, many of the guitars these days will include more than one pickup, and so additional wires and a switch is usually required […]

Top mistakes for new Guitar builders to avoid

A great couple of videos to watch if you’re starting out in building guitars. Once you’ve finished watching these, there’s the rest of the Crimson Guitar channel to watch!

Body Blank Templates – Wing Series

I’ve long been an admirer of custom guitars, but have only developed the skills and method for doing this through making several ‘standard’ shaped guitars myself. A little like some do when learning to paint, they will mimic or copy an existing artwork to learn different techniques from the masters before they begin creating their […]